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April 19, 2010

What You Should Know Before You Pay for a New or Redesigned Web Site

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As you know when a new electronic product hits the market the price drops dramatically over time. That day has come with web site design. In the early days of the Internet, when there was a huge demand for web site design and few highly skilled web designers, the cost of a web site development could cost many thousands just for a relatively basic site.

Today there are millions of highly skilled web designers worldwide. The reliability and availability of broadband Internet now makes it easy for these designers to sell their services around the world. In addition pre-designed templates make it much easier and faster to design exciting looking webs sites quickly. This makes it possible today to purchase powerful and dazzling sites for a fraction of what they would have cost just a few years ago. In addition, many of the new platforms such as Joomla, Word Press and Drupal make it possible for people with little more than the ability to use a word processing program to maintain their own sites.

If you are contracting a new web site or redesign you should know the basic structures of sites can be purchased templates from designers in India, China or Russia and cost less than a hundred dollars. A design from Word Press is free. It takes very little time to fill these templates with text, pictures and graphics. Make sure you are not paying thousands for a web site that claims to be made from scratch but instead are downloaded templates off the Internet.

There are some sites that could take a great deal of time to build, even using these pre-designed templates if a large amount of data needs to be filled in. But in most cases, a skilled designer can build a beautiful site with the technology available today quickly. So we recommend you negotiate the price on any site you buy today based on the time it will take to build the site. Then, make sure you have the option to maintain the site yourself so you are not held hostage by the web designer every time you need something updated. We recommend updating all the time! To see a Joomla template go to to see a template made with word press go to

The Importance of Relevance

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If the audience is not interested in what you are selling it doesn’t matter how many people can see or hear your ad. This fact seems obvious, but when it comes to mass media advertising (radio, TV, newspaper, billboard), many advertisers really miss the mark. It takes extra effort to make your ad relevant, but in this economy you need every advantage you can get. So don’t be lazy and just run generic advertising in the name of “branding.” Often, that is an excuse to avoid the time and effort it takes to come up with the right offer or copy that could make the difference in getting the attention of your prospective customers. Media sometimes promotes generic ads as branding because it takes less time and effort for them. Advertisers must make a better effort to work with their media reps and/or agencies to create ads that both brand and sell.

You may have heard of something called search engine optimization. Type the words “relevant advertising” into a search engine on the Internet and you will quickly see the key to getting your site to appear first when browsing through the use of search engines is to make your site relevant to what people are searching for. You will also see the key to converting people into customers on the Internet depends on how relevant your site is to what the person browsing is shopping for. The same concerns pertain to mass media advertising.

Before the Internet, advertisers assumed the number of impressions equaled the number of people seeing or hearing their ads. Not true. The fact is only a small portion of the audience, whether its radio, TV or some other media actually noticed your ad. An even smaller number may actually spend significant time listening or looking at your ad depending on their interest in what you were advertising.

The fact is if you expect to reach everyone with any form of mass media, it will not happen. Only the people interested in what you are advertising will pay any attention, and only people extremely interested will pay close attention. So be realistic with your expectations and try to use a media that best targets people who would be most interested in your ad. Then, try to imagine what most of the people you are reaching on that medium will be thinking about at the time you will be reaching them and make your ad as relevant to what they are thinking at the time.